Sign up for Charter Internet to Win a Wii

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If you like the Nintendo Wii, and I mean, who doesn't, and you live in the areas in which Charter Internet offers service, then you are in good luck. Sign up now for your chance to put two great things together. With your sign up to Charter, you'll be entered into a contest to win a Nintendo Wii. But wait, are you an internet lover too? We'll the whole contest is about that. It is called Charter High Speed Internet for Life so the grand prize is internet for life but a Wii isn't all that bad.
All you have to do is register and possibly place a bid in the auction for internet for life. Bidding starts at $10 so there's no knowing where it will stop. Keep your head up high because bidding will probably be strong.
When you win the prize you'll get a complete Nintendo Wii system.
Including a Nintendo Wii Console, a Wii Stand, Wii Sports which includes boxing, tennis, golf, bowling, and baseball, 1 Remote Controller, 1 Nunchuk Controller, 1 Sensor Bar, 1 Wii AC Adapter and 1 Wii AV Cable.
So that's a complete package to play the games.
All Charter internet services come with added extras like firewall, anti-virus, and spam-filtering software and parental controls, 10 e-mail addresses per account, extra online storage, personal Web space. Charter is fully loaded so you'll never be alone in our cruel world.
The helpdesk which is available 24/7.
To enter go to Charter.


Planet iPhone

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Are you an iPhone owner with some time on your hands. We'll have I got a site for you. This is an online community dedicated to providing you with a fix for your Apple iPhone. If you are an iPhone SDK Developer then this site is for you as well. They just opened a chat room so you can interact much more easily on their site with technical support and more. For those of you people who have no clue what an iPhone SDK Developer is, you aren't alone. First off it stands for iPhone Software Development Kit which empowers developers to plug gaps in the iPhone’s functionality.
With Planet iPhone, you'll have access to forums, downloads, applications, chat, and more. It's an interactive site where you'll be able to share and learn many new things. The website also is good at keeping you updated with news and events related to the Apple iPhone and sometimes iPod Touch. For example, they have a new story on ZiPhone 3.0, an application for your iPhone. I highly recommend this website to all you iPhone owners as it will help you expand your iPhone to do more incredible things. Learn more about iPhone SDK Developers here.


Mobile Express

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Nowadays there are so many choices in electronics out there including cell phones, game consoles, and other things. It's now so hard to choose so why not get both at the same time. At Mobile Express you can get the phone deals. With a good mobile phone contracts offered by Mobile Express you'll be able to talk all you want with who you want when you want.
When you buy from them you can also have the opportunity to get those other favourite electronics that you desire such as an iPod Touch, game console like the XBOX 360 and PS3 and other cool electronics. They offer phones from networks including O2, Orange, and T-Mobile.
Their website is great and interactive so you'll have no problem finding what you are looking for and more. Another question that you may be asking is, wouldn’t there prices be high then? In fact, it’s quite the contrary. At Mobile Express they have competitive pricing to match other phone companies offering you the same phone.
There are so many great gifts that I urge you to take me up on this offer before it's too late. Head over to Mobile Express now and start looking.


The T-Mobile Network

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T-Mobile has had some of the best ads in North America but they do lack the phones necessary to compete in the harsh American market. Somehow though they know what to do in the European market and have used that to better themselves. Dial-a-phone offers many deals on TMobile phones and they provide good information on each and every one of them. Each phone has different plans offered from T Mobile and even one of them gives you a free Sony PSP slim with the purchase of the plan and the phone. Dial-a-phone has remarkable deals that you should take charge of. There is no doubt in my mind that you will be amazed at what kind of things you can combine with minutes, texts and phones.


Anglian Home Improvements Review

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Houses these days are getting older and older by the minute. Who am I kidding, everything does. What better way to renovate your houses than with Anglian Home Improvements. This is a trusted UK company since 1966 with customers as there number one priority.
Windows and Doors are just some of their specialties alongside of conservatories, driveways, roof trim, garage doors, and many more. To compare the quality of there service to something I've experienced I'd use the web hosting product I bought from Low Cost Webspace. I spent hours with him familiarizing myself with the program that would be the backbone for another website. This kind of commitment is transparent to the kind of service you will get at Anglian Home Improvements.
Also in the days of global warming they care about the environment so they use strict guidelines to help protect our precious system and preserve our wildlife.
Whether you want to do a small job or a large scale job, Anglian Home Improvements
will be there for you providing superb customer care and great quality products.


Microsoft Bids $44.6 Billion for Yahoo

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Two days ago rumours were swirling about a possible Microsoft takeover of Yahoo and at mid-afternoon yesterday, a bid was put into place by Microsoft. A hostile takeover bid at $31 per share, a premium over Yahoo's actual stock price. This is the largest takeover bid made by a technology company by far with the HP-Compaq deal coming in far second.

Microsoft first recognized that the software business was going to be more lucrative than the computer making(HP) business and now they realize that the internet is going to be even more huge. More and more people are looking to store files on the internet rather than their hard drive as well as complete tasks over the internet such as Google Docs and Spreadsheets.

Yahoo says the deal will take time to review but if it does get accepted, then the US anti trust laws won't stop it. This could mean many things, all of which I'm not sure of. One things for certain though, the search engine landscape will definitely change, hopefully for the better. My only question is, what will happen to both and Will one go defunct and just merge together? Will names change? That will all be found out later.