Canadian Alternative to Pandora

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Pandora's Box was always a secret and when it was finally released and let out into the world, everybody except the US got to look into it. For some time though, Pandora was seen by peering Canadian eyes but last May it was shut down to Canadians. Now there is a website entitled Last.Fm and is open to Canadian residents and the rest of the world. This is a huge relief because I dearly missed Pandora and it's beautiful choices of music. There restrictions to it originally which included prohibiting you to scroll more than 5 times for a set amount of time. Last.Fm does not have many restrictions but they do get a little annoying on their website. For one, you can search up a song/artist on their website, but you can only it for 30 seconds and it doesn't allow you to play the full version on your downloaded software even though it says you can. The stations though play some unique songs like the Rolling Stones version of Into You-Fabolous.

My pet peeve of this software is you can only search for Artists and Tags where you are almost dispersuaded from searching for albums and titles. I suggest you experience becuase right now you don't have an alternative if you're a Canadian resident living in Canada. Let me know what you guys think about the alternative and comment away.